Live the dream of being in a professional academy,

from anywhere in the world.

Get mentored and coached by professional English academy coaches & scouts to fast-track your football development!


Boost your football career by following a system designed by world-class experts!

The Train Effective Academy is the first online academy in the world that aims to give you access to the same tools, insights and connections as you would in a professional football club.

Realise your full potential by training like you would in a professional academy

Far too many talented players waste their talent by not training with the right intensity, focus and frequency.

The Train Effective Academy is designed and run by coaches, scouts and various experts from top-tier English & European clubs who will show you what to do on a daily basis to reach your full potential.

Stop falling behind pro academy players and close the gap

Today you can finally stop worrying about falling behind the players who are already at pro academies.

From today onwards, you will have the same knowledge, tools & connections to allow you to reach the top.

Stop wondering about how you can make it as a professional player

Get access to a support system of (ex-)professionals, coaches and scouts who will show you exactly what it takes to reach the highest level in football.

Your coaches, experts and scouting network

Our coaches and creators include Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand,

ex-professionals, pro academy coaches, scouts and more.

Train Effective Football Philosophy

Our philosophy is centred around 4 pillars - technique, tactics, fitness, mentality -

with the aim of developing you holistically and helping you become not just a better football player,

but more successful in life in general.

Technical Training

Improve your technical abilities and become the best player you can be.

Tactical Training

Gain the tactical understanding of a pro & learn how to make better decisions.

Fitness Training

Improve your physical strength, endurance, mobility and explosiveness.

Mentality Training

Increase your confidence and resilience - on and off the pitch.

Why you should join the academy

See instant improvements in all four pillars

Increase your football IQ by learning from the best in the game

Surround yourself with like-minded players from around the world

Learn what scouts and professional coaches are looking for in a player

Create a clear plan for achieving your career goals

Get access to our global scouting network

Join exclusive community events with your fellow academy players

Get free access to our premium training app (normally $160)

Academy Environment

The Train Effective Academy environment consists of the following parts:

Expert Masterclasses

Learn from the team of coaches, scouts & experts and take your game to the next level.

Tactical Masterclasses

Take your tactical understanding to the next level in order to improve your positioning, learn how to read the game and make better decisions.

Mental Masterclasses

Develop the right mentality, confidence and resilience to overcome the challenges and obstacles you'll be facing internally and externally!

Take a look on how a masterclass in the online academy looks like:

Pro Training App

Get access to hundreds of drills & workouts to excel in all four pillars (technical, physical, tactical & mental).

Work on all 4 pillars with our fully equipped app

As in any academy, training is the foundation of developing as a player. That's why you will get the Pro Version of the Train Effective App.

Choose from 150+ training activities

Our training series is compiled of over 150 exercises and workouts from perfecting your first touch to reaching your peak level of fitness.

Global Scouting Network

Train Effective's mission is to help players from all around the world to become the best footballers they can be.

This doesn't stop with your football development ...

Step 1: Create your Online Player Profile

First step once you enter the academy, is that you create your own online player profile and fill it with information about yourself and your playing career.

Step 2: Train Effective experts look for talents

The Train Effective team will monitor these profiles, try to detect talents that stand out by analysing the level they play at, watch their footage and

Step 3: Train Effective will help you to detect opportunities

Once our experts have detected a talent, they will schedule a 1-on-1 meeting to find out what the best next logical step for the player is and will help you to get in contact with the according club, coach or college.

Very important disclaimer:

This is not a shortcut to the professional level in football.

Just through our connections and recommendations you will not all of a sudden have better chances to go pro than a player that's way better than you. But what our experts will do is helping exceptional players taking the right steps to create chances and connections, nevertheless where they are in the world.

Academy Discord Channel

Surround yourself with like-minded players and push each other to reach your full potential.

Join a community of like-minded players

Get inspired by your fellow academy mates, hold each other accountable on your journey and keep up the motivation to go the extra mile!

Build friendships with players from all around the world

Meet players from countries all around the world, get to know their culture and build friendships for life!

What does a typical week in the online academy look like?

Every week you will receive a schedule packed with exercises, masterclasses and community events.


Match analysis & tactical session

with Harry O’Riordan


Individual training session:

Focus on Passing


How to become a Pro / Career planning

with Samir Carruthers


Individual training session:

Focus on explosiveness


How to get scouted

with Simon O’Neill


Individual Session:

Match Analysis


Community event:

Rio Ferdinand mentality course and team discussion

*Important: This is just a draft schedule and is subject to change.

The Train Effective way in a nutshell:

We will help you achieve your goals by teaching you the skills you need to succeed as a

player while making friends and working with a team of experts you can trust.

Reserve your spot

There are three options to become part of the Train Effective Academy:

1 Month


£59 GBP

per month

12 Months

Save 30%

£499 GBP

per year

6 Months

Saves 10%

£299 GBP

per 6 months

What happens after reserving?

Within 24h after booking, a representative will be in touch to complete a questionnaire and profile assessment.

Onboarding Call with one of our Player Success Agents. (Date and time will be confirmed on September 28th.)

In this Onboarding Call you will also receive the Pro Membership to the Train Effective App.

Be part of the Train Effective Family and get connected with the all the other Academy players and coaches on What's App & Discord.


Any questions about the programme?

Learn from elite coaches.

Advance your football journey.

Join the academy.

What are you waiting for? Join the Train Effective academy, work with the best coaches, improve your game and meet like-minded people.

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