Become A Smarter Player With Game Brain.

The best way to improve decision-making is by watching yourself play and really seeing in which situations you made the right decisions and learning from when you made the wrong choice. This is why professional teams always re-watch their last match to highlight what went well and also what they still need to work on.

The problem is most players don’t have the option to have someone record their games for them. Especially if they’re amateur players. So what can you do instead?

Make Better Decisions With Step-by-Step Game Analyses

Game Brain is a performance analysis training tool that was created to give players a step-by-step understanding of professional players decisions, tactics & strategies.

Learn From Premier League Analysts

Using the knowledge and expertise of our Premier League analysts we have created the perfect tool to not only train like a pro, but think like a pro.

Train With Elite Coaches. Build Your Soccer Career.

Join The Academy.

Check out what our members say:

Magnus Hafsmo
“I was the captain of the 2nd team, but since purchasing Effective, I have made my debut for the 1st team!”
Gabe Qesada

“Scholar-Athlete of The Year” award at Indiana Wesleyan University
“After two days, there is a significant increase in my confidence. I find myself demanding the ball, instead of being afraid of it.”

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