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Success Stories from our Members

Gabe Quesada | FC Boulder U/23 Centre-Half

"After two days, there is a significant increase in my confidence, which is translating to increased performance. I find myself demanding the ball, instead of being afraid of it. My favourite areas are the Game Brain and a legit workout tracking system!" Gabe was awarded the 2016 “Scholar-Athlete of The Year” at Indiana Wesleyan University.
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I have never been the most talented player. When I was 16, I transferred to a high level team but I wasn’t a starter. But I trained on my own every day and one year later I was one of the key players. Another year later I earned a scholarship for a college in america. Effective does not only offer drills but also helps you to become a smarter player."

Saliho Toure | American University (D1)

“Effective did a great job putting me on the right path to achieve substantial improvement in my game. it’s helped me to get into a D1 college soccer program which I’ll be starting next season. Effective went to the core and really set out a great foundation to build upon. I’ve used other training programs that lack that.”
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 Katharina Baumann | FC Köln

 Kevin Terhaerdt | United States

“What inspired me was your How to Become a Professional Soccer Player video. At that time I played for fun, almost Sunday League. I’m now 18 and am starting for my team who are competing in Nationals, the highest level tournament in the United States. The top 8-10 teams in the country compete in this competition.”
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 Magnus Hafsmo | Heimdal IF

“I play for U17 Heimdal, we have 3 teams. The 1st team is in the highest division and one of the best teams In Trondheim. I was the captain of the 2nd team, but since purchasing Effective, I have made my debut for the 1st team! I have also been training among the best U16 players in the city!”
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Cameron Komock l United States

Our team broke apart due to an age change throughout the entire USA. I then tried out for the team which cut me loose. They were top 5 in the country. I ended up making that team and have won numerous tournaments, had many academy coaches watch our games, and ended up competing in Nationals, the biggest tournament for youth soccer in all of America."
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Ansonny Valle | United States

"I’ve been following your advice and with that I was able to push myself. It’s not a big club, it’s just a small town thing here in the U.S. but thank you for all the advice and videos."  
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Michael Jacovelli | Australia

"Thank you for Effective. It seriously has changed my life for the better. I am trying to do a workout every single day and am improving rapidly. It is pre season in Australia at the moment and this is helping me get a head start to other players." 
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 Cole Bailey | South Africa

"I was trying different drills from other football channels and when I discovered Effective, it just looked so unique and when I saw it's features I knew I had to get this. I have seen improvement in my game in such a short amount of time. What I can do in 6 months or a year can be amazing. It has given me more confidence and I can't wait for future trials that await"  
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Success Stories from our Members