Imagine Becoming The Beast ..

Let Me Show You How You Can Drastically Improve Your Soccer Fitness, Explosiveness, Strength and Become Unstoppable Force on The Field

For any soccer player who wants to DOMINATE their opponents with superior strength and fitness. 

If you are ready to kick your soccer fitness up a few levels (where you will DOMINATE your opponents with strength and power on the field ) ... 

… then it’s time to consider joining a community of truly motivated players and follow our Bodyweight Beast Program that will TRANSFORM you. 

"By the end I felt great and back into shape ... "

I started doing Effective's body weight beast program to improve my explosiveness and get back into form. After a week I could see quick progression back to my shape. As I delved deeper into the program I saw myself lasting longer and being far more explosive in matches. By the end I felt great and back into shape, the best part is that it also tested me mentally as some workouts were extremely intense. This is just a fraction of what Effective has to offer, I've used the training and I can say it definitely works. 

~ Juan Rodriguez

Instagram: @juanrodriguez_


Most players try to get stronger on their own , barely using any kind of strength training program AT ALL.

Ever wanted to improve your strength, went to the gym but had no clue what to do? 

Do you feel like training in your club is not helping you become a physically stronger player?  

It's not your fault.

Sure, going to the gym and doing something will help.  

However … if you want to have real RESULTS… its always better to have a PLAN.  

Unsure on where to start ?  

Becoming a strong player that stands out on the field is not easy alone without a plan and strategy, or when you don't have good coaches around.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the SOLUTION. 

The Bodyweight Beast Strength Program

Requested by popular demand, the Bodyweight Beast Program is Effective’s first 8-week strength training signed specifically for footballers. 


  •  This is a pure bodyweight program - that means no weights or fancy equipment is required
  • It features over 50 video strength exercises designed for beginners, though athletes of all ages and levels can participate by simply adjusting reps and recovery to their own difficulty.
  • The program targets increasing the overall strength and size of all the major muscle groups in your body, increasing flexibility, posture and your metabolism
  • It will even do most of the heavily lifting for you … telling you exactly what to do next , how to do exercises, keeping good posture and the amount of reps/sets.
  • Effects will be visible just after the first week of training, and after you'll become even better. 
  • Every week you’ll be time-tested on your performance and you’ll progress quickly onto more volume and more challenges. 

Just imagine what your body will look and feel like after doing this. Opponents will bounce from you every 50/50 ball, you will shield the ball more effectively and every encounter with you will be painful for them  

Imagine being a confident player that DOMINATES the field with his strength. 


"I absolutely love the program... "

Hey, I tried the bodyweight program for the first time and it was hard and intense. After I've done workout it makes me wanna do it again :). I absolutely love the program. Keep it up guys! 

~ Amirul Hamzah

Snapchat: @amirul

What Is Included With The Bodyweight Beast Strength Program?

PHASE 1: The Foundation

Phase 1 will focus on building your technique, proper motion & form and this is going to be your foundation for strength moving forward. This initial phase is essential in order for you to start developing the proper habits, knowledge and form in order to translate the strength and endurance you’ll develop to the pitch.

PHASE 2: Push and Challenge

In Phase 2 we will continue to focus on the foundation of your strength, by pushing you a more than on Phase 1 and challenging you with some new exercises. This time are you will have more reps to complete with the same amount of rest time. This will also help you work on your endurance.

PHASE 3: Becoming a Beast

Phase 3. When reaching that phase you will have increased not only your strength but also your endurance significantly. Here we are going to be focusing more on working your overall body strength. All the working days are going to be full body exercises. Here you really need to focus, dig deep and work hard because you are going to be doing all the exercises you did before on separate days, but now all combined into one crazy fun workout. The volume of workouts you do per week will be less because you’ll have less workouts to do, but the total volume or total workload you’ll perform is going to be equal or even more than previous weeks. So get ready to work hard, because this last phase is going to be tough but also really awesome.

Every Phase will begin with a TEST that will enable you to see the results and get the right amount of intensity. 

In total, you'll get fifty (50) HD strength exercises delivered as high-quality, HD video demonstrations (you'll be amazed with the quality of editing). 


Josue Pena is from Elation Football, a team of national certified personal trainers and nutritionists for athletes. Pena creates body weight workouts that you can do anywhere, as well as workouts that you can do in the gym. He shares his passion to his many followers on social media.

"I enjoy the beautiful feeling of finishing something that seemed so difficult from day one onto making it second nature in my life..."

“Hard work and dedication ended up paying off with the final workout for Phase 3 of the Bodyweight Beast Program. I felt wonderful after completing the workout. I enjoy the beautiful feeling of finishing something that seemed so difficult from day one onto making it second nature in my life. I have read my past notes, from Day 1 to now and my notes have been more confident and much more pleasing to me. After all, it all takes hard work and dedication to have finished this. I appreciate Effective who has made this program because it has been such a good experience on knowing how to train like a professional. Can’t wait for what there is to come and may the hard work continue.”  

~ George Quispe

Instagram: george_quispe

What you’ll get out of this eight-week program:

  • Increased muscle strength, power, endurance and size.
  • Overall body flexibility.
  • Firmer and better-defined muscles.
  • Boosted metabolism.
  • Improved posture – balance and stability.

How to Get It? 

The Bodyweight Beast Strength Program comes as a part of an Effective Membership subscription. So in order to get it you have to become a member. Thanks to that you will have access not only to Strenght Program but ALSO:

  •  The world 1st drag-and-drop football training planner so you can schedule a entire years worth of workouts. 

  •  Use over 60+ highly effective training excercise and workouts created by professional coaches.
  •  Revolutionary new intelligence training where English Premier League coaches guide you becoming a smarter player

Don’t wait, maximize your training today.