Miami, Florida, United States

28 December, 2022 - 17 January, 2023



Become a Pro Player

for 3 weeks.

It’s not just about how good your technical skills are. To become a successful football player, you also need to develop your tactical understanding, physical fitness and mental resilience.
Our camp is designed by professional coaches that will help you develop these skills and reach your personal goals.

Join the Team.

Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded players. Become a better, more confident player and experience real team spirit and team training.

Train with top European & English Academy Coaches!

See your football skills improve with coaching in small groups of other like-minded players by some of the best coaches and scouts in the field.

Showcase your skills in front of coaches & scouts.

During the camp, you'll get the chance to be evaluated by coaches & scouts who have connections to clubs all over England and the rest of Europe.

Boost your football career with a professional assessment.

As part of the program, you will receive a personal assessment report from our coaches and scouts.

Meet your coaches

All our coaches are former professional players and/or highly qualified youth academy coaches that are passionate about helping you succeed.

Observe our coaches working first hand

The Train Effective way in a nutshell:

We will help you achieve your goals by teaching you the skills you need to succeed as a

player while making friends and working with a team of experts you can trust.

How does the camp work?

The Train Effective Football Camp is a football training camp that is focused on the development of each player’s full potential.

Live and train in a professional environment and get provided with everything you need to take the next step in your football journey!

Train Effective Football Philosophy

Our football philosophy aims to maximise your progress on and off the pitch and can be broken down into the following four pillars.

Technical Training

Improve your technical abilities and become the best player you can be.

Tactical Training

Gain the tactical understanding of a pro & learn how to make better decisions.

Fitness Training

Improve your physical strength, endurance, mobility and explosiveness.

Mentality Training

Increase your confidence and

resilience - on and off the pitch.

The Camp Package

The Train Effective Football Camps provide players with a once-in-a-lifetime experience

and an abundance of features and services that are included in the camp package.

Professional Training Schedule

At our camp you will be following a structured and intense schedule like you would in any professional club or academy.

Hotel Accommodation

All our camps include hotel accommodation, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as fruits & fresh water 24/7.

High Intensity Training Sessions

The heart of the camp are the training sessions on the pitch in small groups of other like minded players, let by our coaches.

Gym & Recovery Sessions

Additional to the training on the pitch you will also have access to a Gym. There you will either work on your physical abilities or use the time speed up your recovery.

1-on-1 Feedback Sessions
with Experts

Receive personal coaching & feedback from our coaches in a private 1-on-1 feedback meeting.

Masterclass sessions

Learn how you can become a Pro football player. Learn how to develop a competitive mindset and attitude, and what it takes to play football at the highest level.

Scouting Opportunity

Get the opportunity to present yourself in front of scouts and coaches who have connections to professional clubs all over Europe and stand the chance to gain a recommendation from them.

Assessment Report

After the camp you will also receive an assessment report describing your ability following the 4-pillar analyses. (technical, physical, tactical & mental)

Pro Environment

Immerse yourself in a 24/7 professional football environment and meet like-minded players from all around the world!

Improve your English skills

The main language spoken at the camp is English. This is the perfect environment to improve your language skills in a natural and friendly environment.

Stadium Tours

Get a chance to tour the stadiums of the biggest football clubs in the country with our Stadium Tours!

City Day

Explore the city of London, its attractions and culture together with your camp mates on our city days!

Pro Lifetime Membership
on the TE App

As soon as you have reserved your spot you will receive a free lifetime membership on the Train Effective App.

Train Effective Training Kits

All Camp guests will receive two full Train Effective Training Kits (shirt, shorts, socks) - one red, one black - as well as a Train Effective hoody!

Welcome Bag

At the start of the camp you will also receive a welcome bag which will also contain a water bottle, a notebook and a pen.

Airport Pick-up and Drop-off Shuttle Service*

A member of the Train Effective team will be present at the airport at arrival and departure and take you to your accommodation.

*This service has to be booked and payed for extra at least 6 weeks before the start of the camp.

Weekly Schedule

December 28th, 2022 - January 10th, 2023

28 December 2022 (Wednesday)

Arrival day + Meet & Greet

29 December 2022 (Thursday)

1x Light Activation Session + 1x Training + Masterclass #1

30 December 2022 (Friday)

2 x Training

31 December 2022 (Saturday)

Day Off / Sightseeing/Recovery

1 January 2023 (Sunday)

Day Off / Free Time/Recovery

2 January 2023 (Monday)

2 x Training

3 January 2023 (Tuesday)

1x Training + 1x Gym + Masterclass #2

4 January 2023 (Wednesday)

2 x Training

5 January 2023 (Thursday)

1x Training + 1x Gym + Masterclass #3

6 January 2023 (Friday)

Internal Camp Match

7 January 2023 (Saturday)

Day Off / Sightseeing/Recovery

8 January 2023 (Sunday)

Day Off / Free Time/Recovery

9 January 2023 (Monday)

2 x Training + Masterclass #4

10 January 2023 (Tuesday)

1x Training + 1x Gym + Masterclass #5

11 January 2023 (Wednesday)

Showcase Match

12 January 2023 (Thursday)

2 x Training + Masterclass #6

13 January 2023 (Friday)

Showcase Match

14 January 2023 (Saturday)

Day Off / Sightseeing/Recovery

15 January 2023 (Sunday)

Day Off / Free Time/Recovery

16 January 2023 (Monday)

Player x Staff Tournament & Closing Ceremony

17 January 2023 (Tuesday)


Illustrative schedule only, the actual schedule may vary!

Skyler Maldano, 18 🇺🇸
"Going into the camp, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was soon to realize how amazing this camp really was. You gain more than just knowledge and development in your football abilities, but on top of that, you gain amazing friendships with coaches and people you look forward to seeing everyday at the camp and crying from having to leave them at the end. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for anybody considering to go!"
London August Camp 2022
Alexander-Noah Eder, 19 🇦🇹
"Thank you for the most memorable three weeks of my football career. Thanks a lot to all the coaches and staff who have helped and supported us over the past 3 weeks to get the most from each individual player. I will never forget it!"
London November Camp 2021
Arman Hosseiny, 17 🇨🇦
"It has truly been an experience of a lifetime! I am grateful to have been able to share those moments with great friends from all over the world. We trained with coaches that work in the Premier League and the English divisions, and I am grateful for the opportunity to get called up to represent the local club in a match."
London November Camp 2021
Ashkan Hamzah, 17 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
"It's been the best three weeks of my life thanks to Train Effective! The camp was one of the best experiences of my life so far. It is definitely the best time I've ever had."
London November Camp 2021
Jose Ricardo Vasquez, 22 🇺🇸
"To all the coaches and staff for the time spent with us and BIG love to all the bros I got to share the field with, y’all the real MVPs and ima miss y’all big time. All that blood, sweat and hard work we put out there will be missed but never forgotten."
London November Camp 2021
Leo Byrne
(Parent of player Ciarán Byrne, 13 🇺🇸)
"My son was in the LA camp. He’s been talking about it non stop. It was a positive experience for both players and parents."
Los Angeles Camp, March 2021

Reserve your spot

There are two options to reserve your spot at the Train Effective Football Camps.

Please choose the model that works best for you. But be quick! The Black Friday Discount will stop by the end of this Friday!

3 weeks

$4744 USD

$765 USD Black Friday Discount

$3979 USD

What happens after reserving your camp spot

Within 24h after booking, a representative will be in touch to complete a questionnaire and profile assessment.

Onboarding Call with one of our Player Success Agents.

In this Onboarding Call you will also receive a free lifetime membership to the Train Effective App so you can already start preparing for the Camp!

We will also send you an official invitation letter for the camp which you can use for your visa application or when speaking to your school, university or workplace.

Need more detailed info?

Schedule a call - we're here to help.

If you want to speak to one of our camp experts (Player Success Agents) in person to clear some specific questions follow the steps below to schedule a video call!

Get to know Train Effective

Train Effective was founded to help players from all around the world

to become the best footballers they can be.

We started as a Training App ...

Train Effective started as a football training app which now has more than 500.000 players using it to become better.

... built the In-Residence program ...

4 years ago we then started the In-Residence program where we gave some of the players who used the app the opportunity to come to London and to live and train with us.

... and this turned it into camps all around the world!

And this In-Residence program now has turned into numerous football camps per year all around the world.

Our core belief

With us by your side, your chances of improving will be higher than ever.

  • Our english top-tier academy coaches will teach you exactly what to do to improve your game and accelerate your football development.
  • Live like a pro while we take care of everything else: 3x healthy meals per day, accommodation, gym & recovery, transportation, ...
  • With the appropriate learning methods and our proven system there is no way around long-term success for players like you.

No more confusion from conflicting advice

There are far too many "experts" claiming success. With us, you will have the experience of players like Manchester Utd legend Rio Ferdinand on your side.

Our values



Camp FAQ

You can't find the answer to your questions?

Click on the button below and send us a message!

How are players grouped during training?

Players will first be grouped according to age, then ability (if enough participants in the age group create multiple group levels). When players arrive at the camp they will be grouped within similar age brackets then, throughout the camp, any potential adjustments to specific groups will be dictated by the coaches evaluations of each player.

Are airfare/flight tickets included in the price of the Camp?

The flight tickets are not included in the price since we have players coming to the camp from all around the world and some players don't even need to come by plane.

When should I arrive at and leave the camp?

Players should arrive on the first scheduled day of the camp. This is crucial as they will go through registration and room assignments while meeting the staff and coaches, who will conduct the general camp orientation. The final day of the camp will be exclusively for departures and thus all players should leave on this day. Please be mindful of and double check the dates of the camp before booking travel arrangements.

Should a player choose to arrive late or depart early from the camp, they should notify camp staff of this ahead of time. There are no refunds or partial refunds for unaccounted for days. Likewise, should a player choose to arrive early or depart later, they must do so only at their own discretion. Train Effective will not be responsible for players outside of the designated camp dates.

What should I bring?

The items listed below are suggestions based on a one-week stay at one of the camps. Players should make the appropriate adjustments to accommodate their specific stay. Please mark all clothing with the player’s name.

- football boots

- running shoes

- shin pads

- sunscreen

- personal toiletries

- earplugs

- cell phone charger (+ adapter)

- swimsuit

- towel

- hat / cap

- sports bag

- extra (spare) training shorts & shirts

- sandals / flip-flops

- personal clothing

- warmer clothing (jackets/pants)

- foam roller (only if you want to bring your own)


Fortunately the pandemic appears to be nearing its end and there are currently no imposed COVID-19 restrictions within the UK, nor are there required isolation periods for those travelling to the country.

Should this situation change in the future, Train Effective will act in accordance with the guidelines set out by the UK government and we will execute all necessary precautions to ensure the smooth operation of camp whilst prioritising the safety of all attendees and staff during this time.

How much money should I bring?

There are no necessities which require participants to bring money to the camp, however players can do so if they wish to do so. Some typical uses for money at the camp are: one-time sim cards, items in the camp store, weekend excursions, coin-operated laundry machines, snacks or souvenirs or airline baggage fees.

Will I be picked up from and dropped back off at the airport?

Airport pick up and drop off is not included in the camp package. This extra service has to be booked and payed for extra at least 6 weeks before the start of the camp.

Who is responsible for my possessions at the camp?

Train Effective relinquishes all liability for participants’ belongings throughout the duration of the camp - each individual will be responsible for their own personal possessions. We therefore recommend that all valuables and sentimental items be left at home. Where possible, we also highly encourage that participants preemptively deposit money into their bank accounts, rather than carrying excess cash. Some players may wish to travel with items such as electronic games, cameras, tablets, etc. however, in the case of loss, theft or broken items Train Effective declines all responsibilities. Players can minimise these risks by ensuring that all possessions are kept within the security of their rooms at all times.

Can I request a roommate?

As there will be two or three participants per room, of course it would be possible to make a roommate request! All of the participants involved must request each other as their roommate for us to be able to facilitate any request, though. All request information will be transmitted to the camp staff. Please remind the member of staff at check-in that you have made the request. The camp will attempt to honour any roommate request but cannot guarantee the fulfilment of all requests.

How are participants supervised outside of training?

All staff members stay on campus throughout the duration of the session programmes. If a problem arises, a staff member will always be easily accessible to

assist. Can I leave the camp area? At no point are those under the age of 18 allowed to leave the camp premises while unattended. For those over the age of 18 it is possible, but still not recommended. Those who wish to depart the campus must seek proper authorisation and sign-out before departure; signing in again upon their return.

Will I have the possibility to be scouted during my stay?

At the Train Effective Showcase Camp in London, you will have the chance to be seen and evaluated by our coaches who have connections to clubs all over Europe. Additionally to their individual feedback, you will also receive a full assessment report which will outline your specific strengths and weaknesses. Combined with the Train Effective app, this scouting report can serve you as a blueprint for moving forward in your training after the camp.

However: if you're not a UK citizen there are certain regulations that have to be met in order to be able to get signed directly for a club in the Premier League and other professional leagues in England. You first need to successfully apply for a GBE (Governing Body Endorsement) with the FA before the Home Office will consider issuing a work permit. Only after having received this work visa, you will be allowed to play in England. The best way of achieving this is by playing at a very high level in your own country.

That being said, Train Effective's network is wide-ranging and connects to different countries in & outside of Europe. If Train Effective or its partners deem a player to have the capabilities to play at the highest level, we will make every effort to recommend the player to other clubs in countries where he is legally allowed to play.

At the end of the day, our #1 intention is to help every player regardless of their circumstances.


At the start of the camp, you will receive two training kits - one red & one black. They will be worn alternating, starting with Red on Tuesday, Black on Wednesday,

Red on Thursday, ... The used training kit will then be collected in the evening (before 6pm), washed and returned in the evening on the next day.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

Most of the camps will have a buffet selection at meal times, meaning multiple options are offered. Halal and kosher food is normally not provided by the camps,

while vegetarian options are generally available. During the online registration process, please make sure to mention any food allergies or dietary requests so that the kitchen staff can be aware in advance.

Is the camp fee refundable?

All deposits and final payments must be made no less than 12 weeks before the start of a Train Effective Football Camp. Applicants who do not pay in full before this date will lose their place and any initial deposits made. Under normal conditions, all deposit payments made towards a Camp are non-refundable.

Applicants will only be considered for a refund under the following circumstance:

Repeated visa rejection despite a formally correct application; an official letter of rejection from the embassy is required.

If you feel you that you qualify for a refund, please fill out our Refund Request Form. Train Effective will then review your submission and contact you with a final

decision. If an applicant's refund request is successful, they will be refunded 85% of the total paid fee. They will also be given full access to a Pro account on the Train Effective app for 12 months, as a gesture of goodwill.

Can I cancel or reschedule?

All of the necessary preparation requirements for a Camp are made well in advance. Due to the limited number of players accepted onto each programme, every effort is made by the Train Effective team to arrange, book and coordinate the accommodation, pitch, transport, meals, coaches and camp activities in accordance with the number of involved participants.

Train Effective understands, though, that unforeseen circumstances may hinder a participant's ability to attend their chosen Camp. Therefore, if necessary, participants will be able to reschedule to any other Camp, within a 24-month period. If a prospective player would like to switch Camps, Train Effective asks that they make this intention known no less than 12 weeks prior to the start of their original Camp choice. All cancellation attempts made less than 12 weeks prior to the start of a Camp will be refused.

Train Effective has the right to reschedule a Camp to a later date for the benefit of all attendees, or if an event outside of its control prevents the facilitation of the Camp. In such an event, participants will be notified at least 4 weeks in advance and will be able to either request a refund or reschedule to a later Camp.

What if I am injured or fall ill during the Camp?

Train Effective will always do its best to help you recover. Train Effective will still, however, expect you to complete your stay in its entirety. Alternatively, Train Effective will arrange performance-improving activities in these cases. Once a programme commences, the whole stay is vested in its entirety (e.g. you may not leave after three days into your 21-day stay and do the 18-days at a later period).

In very exceptional cases (e.g. death of a family member, injury requiring immediate surgery) participants will be given camp credit to attend a future Camp at another time.

How do I know if I need a travel visa?

Depending on your nationality, it may be a necessary prerequisite for you to attain a visa prior to your arrival at a Camp. Please use the appropriate redirect link below to check this If you are unsure if you require a visa:

- For a Camp in the United Kingdom (https:/

- For a Camp in the United States (https:/

If a visa is required, it is the participant's responsibility to ensure that it is attained prior to arrival. Train Effective can assist you in the visa application process by providing an Official Letter of Invitation, upon request, which can be attached as evidence within your application.

It is a participant's prerogative to commence the visa application process at any time, to minimise the risk of complications, Train Effective recommends that this process is completed at least 10 weeks in advance of the commencement date of a Camp. After this point, all preparations will be finalised and participants will be unable to cancel. Train Effective will therefore not be liable for any losses incurred by the participant as a result of an unsuccessful visa application. Likewise, should you submit your application after the recommended 10 week deadline and be unsuccessful in attaining your visa your deposit will not be refunded.

Train with elite coaches.

Build your football Journey.

Join the camp.

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