London, United Kingdom

April 1 - 5 & April 8 - 12, 2024



Train like a Pro for 10 Days

It’s not just about how good your technical skills are. To become a successful football player, you also need to develop your tactical understanding, physical fitness and mental resilience.
Our camp is designed by professional coaches that will help you develop these skills and reach your personal goals.

Join the Team.

Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded players. Become a better, more confident player and experience real team spirit and team training.

Train with top European & English Academy Coaches!

See your football skills improve with coaching in small groups of other like-minded players by some of the best coaches and scouts in the field.

Showcase your skills in front of coaches & scouts.

During the camp, you'll get the chance to be evaluated by coaches & scouts who have connections to clubs all over England and the rest of Europe.

Boost your football career with a professional assessment.

As part of the program, you will receive a personal assessment report from our coaches and scouts.

Meet your coaches

All our coaches are former professional players and/or highly qualified youth academy coaches that are passionate about helping you succeed.

Please note that the selection and quantity of our coaches may vary from camp to camp according to the camp dates and number of attending players.

Observe our coaches in their element!

Our coaches work closely with our players to help them develop their skills and reach their full potential.

They create a positive and supportive environment for players to learn and grow, and are dedicated to helping each player become the best athlete they can be.

The Train Effective way in a nutshell:

We will help you achieve your goals by teaching you the skills you need to succeed as a

player while making friends and working with a team of experts you can trust.

What's the difference to our other Camps?

Our regular In-Residence Camps come with hotel accommodation, 3 meals a day and many other benefits that are ONLY accessible in our football camps package!

But those expenses obviously drive up the costs for the camps immensely.

That's why wanted to create a NON-Residence camp that includes the major benefits of our football camps while cutting out some major cost factors!

The Camp Package

The Train Effective Football Camps provide players with a once-in-a-lifetime experience

and an abundance of features and services that are included in the camp package.

Professional Training Schedule

At our camp you will be following a structured and intense schedule like you would in any professional club or academy.

High Intensity Training Sessions

The heart of the camp are the training sessions on the pitch in small groups of other like minded players, guided by our expert coaches.

Gym & Recovery Sessions

Additional to the training on the pitch you will also have access to a Gym. There you will either work on your physical abilities or use the time to speed up your recovery.


During the first session & second training/gym session of the day you'll be joining the rest of the camp players at the team hotel for lunch!

Masterclass sessions

Learn how you can become a Pro football player. Develop a competitive mindset and attitude and understand what it takes to play football at the highest level.

Scouting Opportunity

Get the opportunity to present yourself in front of scouts and coaches who have connections to professional clubs all over Europe and stand the chance to gain a recommendation from them.

Assessment Report

After the camp you will also receive an assessment report describing your ability following the 4-pillar analyses (technical, physical, tactical & mental).

Pro Environment

Immerse yourself in a professional football environment and meet like-minded players from all around the world!

Train Effective Training Kits

All Camp guests will receive two full Train Effective Training Kits (shirt, shorts, socks) - one red, one black - as well as a Train Effective hoody!

Welcome Bag

At the start of the camp you will also receive a welcome bag which will also contain a water bottle, a notebook and a pen.

Additional Service

On Saturday, April 6th you can also join the other In-Residence Camp Guests on the London City Day & Stadium Tour.

This is an additional service that you can be booked for £100.

Please speak to our Camp Expert Sam Shaban or respective Camp Manager Ben Jacobson to book this add-on before or during the camp.

Stadium Tour

Attend a private Premier League Stadium Tour and get a chance to tour the stadium of one of the biggest football clubs in London such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, etc.

City Day

Explore the city of London, its attractions and culture together with your camp mates on our city days!

Camp Schedule