JUNE 9 - JUNE 22, 2024

Train with top European & English Academy Coaches!

See your football skills improve with coaching in small groups of other like-minded players by some of the best coaches and scouts in the field.

Showcase your skills in front of coaches & scouts.

During the camp, you'll get the chance to be evaluated by coaches & scouts who have connections to clubs all over England and the rest of Europe.

Boost your football career with a professional assessment.

As part of the program, you will receive a personal assessment report from our coaches and scouts.

Why is the June Camp 2024 so unique?

The June Camp will truly be one of a kind.

Especially if you're from the United States, this is the camp to go this summer!

A. Your quickest way to getting a college scholarship or pro contract

"Stop waiting and hoping to get lucky. Create your own luck with our Career Action Plan Workshops."

  • Learn everything you need to know about career action plans
  • Learn how to create the perfect CV
  • Learn how to create the create the perfect highlight video coaches are looking for
  • Learn how to contact & speak to decision makers in colleges/clubs

But we do not only want to teach you how to do it, we also help you take concrete steps to execute on your career action plan while you're still at the camp!

And even after the camp, we'll help you stay accountable to your goals and accomplish them inside our after camp programme!

The June Camp 2024 will be the ONLY camp this summer where we'll offer these workshops to this extent. So if you're a player from the US or Canada - this is the perfect camp for you!

B. Train Effective Certified Benchmark Testing

The June Camp 2024 will be the first ever Train Effective Camp where players can get their statistics officially certified by Train Effective.

For this, all players will complete a selection of tests, drills and challenges that allow us to rate & certify your abilities on the pitch.

This will not only give you another clear indication on your strengths and weaknesses but you can also use it when speaking to coaches and clubs.

Having certified statistics and a video documenting these abilities on the pitch will definitely make you stand out of all competition!

C. Train Effective June Camp x Euros 2024

With the June Camp 2024 taking place during the Euros 2024 the camp will be a dream come true for every football player!

Not only will all matches be streamed in the camp hotel's garden room, a common area designated just for Train Effective camp players. We'll also organise competitions, quizzes and activities around the Euros 2024!

So Imagine this: you’ve been working hard all day, had a gym session in the morning and in the afternoon you had a training session with a former professional who played with Gareth Bale in the EUROs 2016.

Train Effective Camp Coach George Williams

Then you took a cool shower and had a well deserved dinner … now you’re chilling with your campmates in the hotel in a designated area just for Train Effective Camp Players and are about to watch the EUROS … LIFE IS GOOD.

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picture of a football player who got into a D1 college through Train Effective


picture of a football player who got into a D1 college through Train Effective


picture of a football player who got into a D1 college through Train Effective


picture of a football player who got into a D1 college through Train Effective


Your Access To World-Class Coaching

  • Learn what it takes to win with the knowledge and experience of former professional players.

  • Train Effective coaches are experts in soccer and passionate about helping you succeed just as they have.

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Check out what our members say:

Magnus Hafsmo
“I was the captain of the 2nd team, but since purchasing Effective, I have made my debut for the 1st team!”
Gabe Qesada

“Scholar-Athlete of The Year” award at Indiana Wesleyan University
“After two days, there is a significant increase in my confidence. I find myself demanding the ball, instead of being afraid of it.”

Your 4 Steps To Success

Whatever the level of skills you have, we'll work with you 1-on-1 through comprehensive programs and your personal success plan until you're ready to be seen by our network of scouts.

STEP 1: Improve your skills with 150+ exercises

STEP 2: Train your Game Understanding and Mindset with expert-lead Coaching Sessions and Tactical Analysis videos

STEP 3: Develop a tailored plan with your Mentors in the Virtual Academy

STEP 4: Showcase your skills In front of Premier League Scouts at our Football Camps

Train With Elite Coaches. Build Your Soccer Career. Join The Academy.

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