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The Team

The Effective Team has been built from the ground up on a passion for the beautiful game, a admiration for the greats of sport and a mission to improve education. Our team from all over the world were either early subscribers that believed in the vision or stumbled across Effective on various startup sites.

Tom Cooper
Game Brain Coach & England Analyst
Richard Allen
Game Brain Coach & Nottingham Forrest Coach
Stephen Corns
Game Brain Coach & Stoke City 1st Team Analyst
Nick Humphries
Founder & Director
Marcin Forysiński
Analytics & Optimisation Expert
John Moses
Head Football Coach & Drills Creator
Hashir Khan
Community Manager
Corbi Stimmer
Social Media Manager
Claire Dickhoff
Marketing Manager
Paul Hayes
Technical Advisor
Marcin Polski
Junior Developer
Jasmina Carevic
Front-end Developer
Elliot Rylance
Audio Engineer
Christiaan Hind
Head Of New Business

Train Effective

Effective empowers youth to achieve their full potential.

We inspire our youth and their communities through the medium of sport, using the greats of sport to educate them through the core principles of success and achievement.

With expert content providers from teams in the English Premiership League & The Football Association, our first of its kind e-learning community transforms youth from over 45 countries into believers of themselves and trusters of “the process”, resulting in an unshakeable confidence to take on any challenge, forever.

Through the intersection of sport, technology and a powerful community focused on achieving mastery of their discipline and themselves, our mission is to impact 1 million individuals through the Effective platform by 2020.

With our tailored online football academy, we are giving access to the resources of what was once available to a select few, to the whole world.

Join our mission to make the world a more empowered place than ever before.

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We’re always open to people who are aligned in the vision of empowering our youth. Send us a description of yourself and a CV.

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