Creator Programme

For Football Creators who want to provide real value and earn money with their reach.


How does the programme work?

Train Effective is a London-based football tech company with over 3 Million followers across social media.

The Train Effective App features masterclasses by Rio Ferdinand and other Premier League experts, and has over 1.3 Million players signed up in 150+ countries.

And we’re looking for creators who are interested in creating football content referencing the Train Effective app and getting paid proportional to the number of downloads they're generating for the Train Effective App.

The Content

Here comes the part that differentiates this programme from other ways to make money with your football content.

The Train Effective app was built BY football players FOR football players to give them exactly that tool that we were wishing for when we were actively trying to become better players everyday! So the content / promotion of the app should also follow the same basic principle.

And that's why want to give you total flexibility when it comes to the content. And we want to give you the opportunity to experience the app yourself first, so you can focus exactly on the aspects that you feel are most valuable to YOUR audience!

So how could this content look like? Let us give you some examples:

  1. filming yourself doing a workout in the app 
  2. speaking about the benefits it had for you (only if you really felt this way!) 
  3. just showing that the app is part of your daily routine (the app also includes tactical analyses & videos on mentality which can be used for content as well)

The Train Effective App

With a suite of tools, training exercises, and coaching, we guide players to becoming the best players they can be by giving them instant access to the highest quality training and support.

A. Features of the Train Effective App

With the Train Effective App, players get access to

  • 200+ exercises & drills to improve their skills

  • A tool to schedule & track their training sessions and their progress

  • Workouts that are designed to specifically improve the fitness of football players

  • Exclusive mentality masterclass with Rio Ferdinand to achieve the mindset of a world-class player

  • Detailed explanations from Premier League analysts to strengthen their tactical understanding

  • A community of players on the same journey who inspire each other to become the best version of themself

B. Understanding the different Plans in the App

The Train Effective App works on a freemium model. People can download the app for free and can use the app for free.

Then on top of the free version there is the "PRO" Membership to the App which unlocks ALL workouts & videos.

The most exclusive membership level is the "Virtual Academy" which gives users also the opportunity to join Live Masterclass and book 1-on-1 mentorship calls!

Here again a table to visualise the differences between the different plans:

 Basic  = FREE
PRO = $155/yr
ACADEMY = $399/yr
Training Planner
ALL Tactical and Mentality Lessons
ALL Training Drills & Exercises
Career Action Planning
Live Masterclasses
Pro Training Schedule
Personal Mentor Coach

Your benefits

Given the fact, that the Train Effective App runs on a freemium model, we only earn money with the small percentage of users that convert into paying users.

And in average this enables us to pay 5 USD* for every 10 IOS key territory** download that you produce.

IOS key territory downloads**











On top of that you will get:

  1. A free Virtual Academy membership to the Train Effective app (normally 399 USD per year)
  2. 25% commission on the Train Effective Virtual Academy that you would sell directly*** to a player
  3. The chance to be reposted by our accounts and get exposure to our +3 Million followers

* This is just the lower limit

Once you brought in the first downloads we can re-evaluate the quality of the downloads that you're bringing in.

If your downloads tend to convert to paying users at a higher rate than usual, we can also increase the amount we pay per download.

** What are the key territory countries? 

  • United States
  • United Kingdom 
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Germany

*** Speaking directly to Players 1on1 (e.g. via text on IG) and convincing them to start a 7 Day free trial and stick with it after the 7 Days ended

How to get started

A. Join the Creator WhatsApp Group

In the Creator What’s App group you'll get

  • updated on the number of downloads you produce every week
  • the chance to interact with and learn from other creators in the programme
  • tips and ideas for new videos you can try

B. Get your App account

By becoming part of the Train Effective Creator Family you also will get access to the Academy Version of the Train Effective app.

For that just follow the following steps: 

  1. Download the Train Effective app:
  2. Create a free account (skip the paywall with the white arrow in the top left corner)
  3. Text us the email address you’ve used to create the account & we'll upgrade your account to full access

Once activated, familiarise yourself with the app so you're 100% aware of what the product is like that you'll be promoting!

C. Add your Link to your Bio

We can track the amount of downloads coming from your account with a link in your Bio to the Train Effective app. 

You can create the link yourself by

  • going to your profile on the Train Effective app
  • clicking on the share button
  • and copying the link you’ll get there.

Just put that link in your bio and send us the link as well.

Also please make sure to have a description about the Train Effective App above the link (e.g. “Train like a pro with the Train Effective app 👇")

D. Post your first Video

Once all of that is done, you're all set to start making videos, produce downloads and get paid!

The perfect video to get started with:

Posting first video in the creator programme doesn't require a long time! In fact, you might even be able to do that in around 15 minutes!

How? Just replicate this video style:

Step 1: Take an existing video you already have available, e.g. of you dribbling, juggling, in a match, etc. ...

Step 2: Think of an aspect you wanna focus on, e.g. "How did you stop being so nervous before games?"

Step 3: Present a screenshot of the Train Effective App as an answer, e.g. here would the Rio Ferdinand Mentality Masterclass chapter on anxiety work quite well

Step 4: Double check if the first clip of yours still fits. If so, just edit it all together, think of a good caption and you're good to go!

Important note: Please only show the app, do not explicitly add the name of the app in the Video so it seems less promotional and people start asking what the app is called. Especially as sponsorships in Social Media content becomes more and more popular, people tend to act less if it's clearly a sponsorship than getting naturally curious about the app!

Where do I see my downloads?

Each week we will send an overview about the number of downloads we get from all the creators accounts per day like in the screenshot below. 

We will share them in the Train Effective Creator WhatsApp Group.

The downloads are referred to as "first time downloads" - so downloading, deleting the app and then redownloading the app is still counted as only 1 download ;)

How do I get paid?

The payments are made on the 3rd of every month, according to the number of downloads you produced in the month before.

Payments are normally made via bank transfer but we're open to alternative payment methods in case this option won't be possible for you.

If you'd prefer a shorter payment cycle in the first couple of weeks we completely understand that and are happy to amend this procedure to ensure a smooth cooperation. We only require that you have produced at least 20 downloads so the transfer equals at least 10 USD.

How to maximise your results & commission

There are 3 main points we wanna highlight here so you can get the highest return possible on your time & effort invested in this programme:

A. How to create a compound effect & passive flow of downloads

The beauty of Social Media is that good videos still get views even months after they've been posted. This also means, that you still get downloads from those views. This means, the more videos you post, the more videos are constantly getting views (= downloads) and after some time you'll get to a point where you have a stable number of downloads coming in, even if you would stop posting new videos!

So even if things might be a bit slow in the beginning, don't give up right away!

Same as in football: the first weeks you just gotta put in the work, even if you don't see the results right away!

But if you just keep going, you know it will be become easier!

B. Don't stop posting your regular content!

Very Important for being successful in this programme is to keep posting your regular content, not only these promo videos.

There is a reason why your audience followed you and why we noticed you in the first place. So never lose this!

Especially, because being part of the programme actually also enables you to earn money even your regular content:

With every video you get more followers and/or more profile visits and that in the end leads to more downloads & more commission for you!

C. In your Bio, optimise the text above the link

As described above / as you know: out of the people who see your profile, there will always only be a certain percentage who actually click on the link in your Bio and then also download the app. There are multiple factors that make people click on the link in your Bio but one of the biggest tools you have to make more people click, is the text above the link in Bio.

Here we would suggest that you simply experiment with different versions of the text above the link and try to optimise for one that you overall like but also leads to a higher click rate.

In any case, what you can always start with is something like "👇 The football training app I use to improve👇" or "👇 my favorite football training app 📲⚽️👇".

Creator Programme

We're really looking forward to working with you!

Any questions?

Text us on Instagram at @traineffectiveapptips


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